Women and Steroids – Are They Compatible or Not?

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Even if it seems an unlucky combination, professional and amateur sports have use steroids for decades. Here’s more information on the subject.

Steroids and women may seem a combination of strange words. When you say anabolic steroids you think about massive and powerful men. It’s true – there are more men who take steroids than women, and you can often notice women who use steroids because of certain “manly” features, but the number of women using them is higher than you think, and of course women can use either Stanazolol or Anavar.

When you say steroids and women, there is a universal fear: turning into a man! As you know, anabolic and androgenic steroids are derived from the main male hormone, testosterone. No woman will turn into a man if she uses steroids, but they can greatly accentuate male features. Steroids cause virilization due to the massive growth of androgen in the body. Androgens are hormones produced by both men and women, the main being testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Men require ten times more androgen than women. In a woman, when levels of androgen grow over needs, the male features begin to manifest. The most common effects are:

  • Increase of hair on the body
  • Increase in size of the clitoris
  • Voice augmentation
  • Emphasis on face features

No woman would like that, but there are many women who supplement with steroids and avoid virilization. That’s because they do not abuse these hormones. You need to know what to take, when to take, how to take, and to keep noting the appearance of any effects related to virilization, in order to stop it.

Therefore, the simplest way to avoid virilization is to choose only steroids with low virilization risks. Secondly, if the smallest signs of virilization occur, discontinue administration of the steroid immediately. After discontinuation, the symptoms will disappear. If symptoms are ignored and left to settle, then problems occur and, most of the time, they are irreversible. So attention and caution are of utmost importance!

Steroids and women – not just for bodybuilders

When you think of women taking steroids, you think about bodybuilders. And they just seem to be the only ones using anabolic steroids, right? Wrong! Where there are performance sports, there is also use of steroids, regardless of sex. Even fitness models can use anabolic steroids. Even protein supplements and slimming pills use steroids and other doping substances.