How Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture Can Transform the Patio

Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture Can Transform the Patio

Summer is just about here and a few short weeks, every weekend will be filled with backyard barbeques and parties on the deck. This is when many people will start searching for the perfect outdoor furniture to entertain their friends and family. For a look that will be completely unique, explore the options in synthetic rattan garden furniture.

Before investing in this type of furniture, many people will want to know what exactly synthetic rattan is. Rattan is a type of palm from the southern regions of India that is typically used for wickerwork, such as furniture or privacy screens. It is a preferred material among many Indian furniture makers because it is strong and easy to manipulate.

There are many great reasons to decorate with products made from rattan. The pieces are very durable and yet they can be purchased for very affordable prices. The look it provides is very natural and the products themselves are very lightweight, so they are perfect for the outdoors. The only problem is that, being a natural material, rattan is very open to rotting and weather damage. For this reason, many people opt for synthetic rattan furniture that has the same look and feel of authentic rattan.

A rattan wicker patio table and chair set can be the perfect place to entertain guests outdoors in the summer. The aluminum frame is lightweight and will not rust, yet the hand woven rattan covering gives the entire set a beautiful, natural look. The natural tones mean that any color cushion can be added to match the decor in any home.

When there are going to be more guests than the patio set chairs can accommodate, extra seating may need to be provided and a great way to seat everyone is style is with rattan bar stools. The twenty-four or thirty inch seats come in a wide variety of colors, so it is possible to find one to match any existing color scheme. They will present the look of a tropical garden which will be the perfect complement to a backyard tiki bar.

In addition to the many wonderful pieces of furniture made from rattan, there is also an array of accessories available to bring the whole look together. Imagine how beautiful some fresh summer flowers will look on the table in a quirky rattan vase. Adding some rattan accessories to the motif will help transform the patio into an island paradise.

Special features of rattan

Rattan garden furniture UK last for a very long period of time. It is said to be much better than fabric and leather furniture. Generally, this type of furniture lasts for up to 20 to 25 years. On other hand, fabric furniture lasts for just 2 to 3 years. On the other hand, leather furniture lasts for a longer period of time like 5 to 7 years. In fact, if you are able to make an effort for maintain it, and then this type of furniture can easily last for more than 50 years. Though, there are nearly about 20 to 25 procedures which are involved in making this furniture. You just need to wait for 26 days for getting the custom piece of delivery. The wood rattan is mainly imported from Indonesia and it is being painted with hi tech water based paint. This paint keeps the furniture safe.

Though, durability of furniture mainly depends upon its maintenance. Customers need to follow some important guidelines for maintaining this furniture in a proper way. The very first tip is that you should keep your furniture away from sunlight. Transparent chiffon curtains you can use for that. Curtains will protect your furniture from fading.

Another important tip for maintain rattan garden furniture UK is that you should be aware of water because water does serious harm to rattan so you just need to clean furniture with great care. For proper cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner and then wipe the rattan with a cloth damped with salty water.