Staying away from Bait And Switch When Selling My Junk Vehicle in Austin Tx

“I have to sell my junk vehicle in Austin, Texas. What junk yard must i use?” The solution could rely on a lot of things, there is however one sort of junk yard everybody does well avoid: a junk yard that attracts the “bait and switch” scam.

Exactly what is a Bait and Switch Scam?

Investopedia defines bait and switch by doing this: “A dishonest marketing tactic where a marketer advertises a really attractive cost/rate/term that’s really [just a clear incentive] to draw in customers. When customers enter into the shopOrworkplace, [expecting to obtain the good deal,] the [seller] tries to sell a far more costly product.”

Bait and switch may also happen when individuals are selling an item rather of purchasing one. For example, say a junk yard provides you with a totally free cost quote over the telephone for the finish-of-existence vehicle. The sale sounds great, however the junk yard considerably lowers the sale after coming to tow the vehicle away. This case is bait and switch, too.

Strategies for Staying away from Bait and Switch

“How do i sell my junk vehicle in Austin, Texas, and steer clear of bait and switch?” It is a question some consumers wish they requested earlier, before they fell prey to bait and switch. Here are three strategies for staying away from bait and switch that may prevent you from being scammed around the purchase of the junker.

Inquire if the first Quote may be the Final Quote

Junk yards frequently make a preliminary offer over the telephone. Then, they create your final offer after coming to tow away the junk vehicle. When the final quote is really a slightly less than the initial quote, the customer is most likely just refining its offer after inspecting the automobile. However, when the final offers are considerably less than the first one, it is time to think about bait and switch.

Obtain a Copy from the Cost Offer on paper

If your junk yard states it can make just one offer for any vehicle rather of the initial offer adopted with a final one, request a signed copy from the cost quote on paper. Ideally, you would like the signature from the junk yard owner or manager – somebody who has the legal right to make cost decisions. Using the document in hands, you’ve more protection against low-ball offers.

Cancel the Purchase when you get a minimal Offer

Whether a junk yard’s shopping process involves two cost offers a treadmill, please cancel the purchase when the provide you with receive is not consistent with the fair market price from the vehicle. When the vehicle is really broken that it is condition is not indexed by a car cost guide, receiving multiple offers from various junk yards is a great way to measure the ballpark worth of the car.


Unscrupulous junk yards are recognized to use bait and switch schemes when purchasing junk cars. To assist prevent a little and switch plan from taking money from your pocket, take three steps: Inquire if the first cost quote may be the final quote, obtain a signed copy from the cost offer on paper, and cancel the purchase should you get an offer considerably less than the first cost quote.