The Medically Approved Steroids for Body Builders and Fitness Enthusiasts

Body builders, athletes and fitness models use different type of steroids because they want to increase their stamina, performance and muscle recovery. Not only steroids are helpful in losing weight, but also build muscles. You can lose fat rapidly and build lean muscle with the help of testosterone pills. These pills have chemically formulated biological hormones that helps an individual faster muscle growth.

What do testosterone pills do to the body?

Testosterone pills increases the metabolic rate of the body. As soon as the hormone gets activated within the body, it increases the metabolism. As a result, the mitochondrial action also increases. Fat gets burned in the form of cellular waste. Later it is excreted through the system. These pills will make you energetic and you will rarely feel tired, as it will increase the blood circulation. However, high doses of orally active testosterone are only recommended under expert guidance.

Busting the myth – can be both taken by males and females

Testosterone pills can be taken by male and female body builders. The weight and height of the individual is also taken into account before the dosage is prescribed. Every type of body responds differently to the dosage given.

Therefore, dosage is gradually increased when taking steroids to minimize the symptoms rising from any side effects. You can only use a trial and error method to know the amount of dosage suitable for your body.

Moreover, a professional will check the response of the body after it is being administered and hereby keep changing the dosages or add amino supplements along with it. Steroids or any supplements will become harmful if an individual start abusing it. There are few supplements that can be taken regularly and there are few supplements that can be taken once or twice in a week.

Cycles for these pills

Four weeks’ cycle has to be followed during steroid supplementation. For males, dosages above 80 mcg can be taken. For females, dosages vary within 40 to 80 mcg depending on the exercise regimen and diet. To get maximum results steroids are usually taken in the morning along with a protein enriched breakfast. Working out in the morning will also help in utilizing the pills completely.

Change your diet

Taking steroids will not be all. In addition to it, you have to follow a protein enriched balanced diet. You need to cut down on fast food and unhealthy food. Eating clean with plenty of water will ensure protein synthesis throughout the day.


You cannot indulge in alcohol as long as you are on the cycle. At the same time amino acid supplementation and whey protein should not be bunked at all. Moreover, do not forget to add omega three fatty acids, zinc, magnesium nutritional supplements t your diet.