Make a good website name with best domain

Domain name system is the system in IT world that gives a name to your website address and webpage. Domain name is basically a unique identifier of your website. It helps the users to easily locate your website from millions of websites present on the internet. It is very important to get the right domain name for your website because it will allow the users to find your website.  There are so many sites that help you to buy the most appropriate domain name for your site. Longest is one of such websites that offers best digital strategies for your website to help it to grow.

Domain names are not the URL

There are many people who often get confused with domain name and URL of the website.  These two are not the same. Domain name is basically a part of the URL of the website. URL is the detailed one. It includes information like website address, folder name, machine name and language used in developing website. Domain name is just the website address.

 Pick the right domain name

There are lots of things which are needed to be considered for choosing the right domain name for your websites. These include:

  • Keep the domain name short: Longer domains are not easy to remember and quite difficult for the users to type. Hence, you should keep the domain name simple and short. If the name of your company is large, use the initials of the name to get the precise and accurate domain name. Number and symbols should be avoided because these are less memorable and often confusing for the users.
  • Use keywords in the domain name: Keywords are mainly the most search words related to your website and the kind of service offered by it. When the keywords are used in the domain name of your website, it becomes easier for the search engine to find your website. This helps the search engine to improve the ranking of your website. In this way, SEO of websites can be skipped to gain higher ranks on search engine.
  • Find the new words that fit your brand: To make your website address unique, you can look for the new words in thesaurus. You can even take help from domain name generator to find the brandable and unique domain names for your website.
  • Choose the right domain name extension: There are different types of domain name extensions. These extensions are divided into several categories so that website classification can be easy. Domain name extensions are mainly the suffixes with the website address. Some of the popular domain name extensions include:
  • .co- for the companies
  • .org- for nonprofit and non commercial organizations
  • .edu- for educational institutions
  • .info- for informational website
  • .biz- for business organizations

There are many more domain name extensions which help in identifying the category of website. You can also choose the personalized domain name extensions to get the custom made domain name. This will show the professionalism of your company and its credibility.

Buy cheap domain name packages

Domain names are ubiquitous. These will be yours as long as you are paying for it. If you feel that you want to change your domain name or existing domain name is no longer usable to you, sell your domain name and make money. It is just like selling the things which are no longer useable to you. Domain name sellers offer different types of packages like monthly package and yearly package so that you can choose it according to your needs. Use voucher codes for the domain name websites to get attractive discounts on purchase of domain name packages.