Is Purchasing a Warranty For Used Auto Parts a great investment?

Warranties are most generally connected with new items, however, many junk yards provide a warranty program for that used parts they offer. If you are wondering, “How can i find bargain used auto parts near me in Lubbock, Texas?”, it’s also wise to be asking a different one: “Basically have the choice, must i purchase a parts warranty?”

Presuming a guarantee choice is economical (e.g., $1 per part, each day), the solution depends upon three primary factors.

Kind of Coverage

Starting with the small print. You’ll need a warranty that protects the system which are utilized in any capacity the automaker reasonably intends. For instance, some junk yards will not recognition a guarantee should you install parts inside a vehicle that competes in racing competitions or perhaps is utilized in a transportation fleet.

Both situations involve normal utilization of auto parts it is not as if you are utilizing a timing belt to carry up a steel beam. Nevertheless, some junk yards would only recognition your warranty underneath the most traditional driving conditions. These kinds of warranties ought to be purchased carefully because of their limited nature.

Kind of Parts

It’s best to use a guarantee to pricey, complex parts which are essential to the whole process of your automobile, like a transmission or perhaps a powertrain. An exhaust manifold is important too, however it has couple of or no moving parts and therefore does not malfunction frequently. For cheap, essential components, for example used spark plugs, you might find them costlier to place under warranty rather than simply repurchase when they fail.

Warranty Length

With regards to used auto parts, warranties would be best utilized on a brief-term basis. Ideally, are applying a guarantee of roughly 15-thirty days to determine if the unit you purchase is really reliable. At professionally operated junk yards that perform careful inspections before putting parts up purchase, hard to rely on parts are unusual. However, if you are purchasing something pricey and essential, like a transmission, will still be smart to use a short-term warranty.


“Must I use a warranty basically find bargain used auto parts near me Lubbock, Texas?” This will depend on three things: the kind of coverage the warranty offers, the kind of parts you are purchasing, and choices for warranty length. To acquire more information about applying warranties to used auto parts, speak to a professionally operated junk yard within the Lubbock area today.