Where to find used cars for sale by owner in your area?

Many used car buyers prefer to buy a used car directly from an owner. The reason being vehicles cost less compared buying from a dealer (the dealer has to cover marketing, advertising and other costs) whereas the private seller is more eager to sell his vehicle for personal gains.


If you are comfortable with meeting strangers and getting details like paperwork and any other legal things sorted yourself you can enjoy a great bargain and save money.


Direct buying from owners from website listings

There are many websites nowadays that will connect you directly to the owner of the car. This method helps you save time and money as you do not have to meet the owner in person. If you want to check the online price for used Hyundai i10 in Bangalore, simply make a search on the website and compare the prices with different models and pick one that interests you.


Check social media groups and forums


After you have found a model of your interest, jump on the social networking sites preferably Facebook. Facebook has many groups where you can connect with potential owners and post your requirement of the car model you want to buy. For example, a group on Facebook called Used Car & Bikes – Bangalore that can help you find the perfect car from a number of options.


Word of mouth through family and friends

Put a word on your family and friends for any potential offers. You will be surprised, many times your uncle or a close family friend is looking to sell their car. Having known the owner of the car you can determine the condition of the car, get the paperwork smoothly done and maybe get help in financing as well.

Buying a car from an owner is the cheapest way to buy a used car, but you are responsible to check the car’s condition, history and take care if something goes wrong.