Denpasar Attractions, Best Places for Holiday

Bali offers many beautiful and attractive places to go to spend your holiday with unforgettable experience. If you visit Bali, you have to visit any Denpasar attractions that have various tourism destinations for your holiday. Denpasar is capital city in Bali and become best place to have holiday. You can find modern live, culture, history and landscape of Bali blend into one that become unique and attractive to visit.

If you want to stay in Denpasar for your holiday, then you have to know what is in Denpasar. There are many places to go in Denpasar that offers beauty and interest to give you great holiday in Bali. Here are some places you can go in Denpasar which are popular.

  • Turtle Conservation

Sea turtle is one of animals that is protected because they almost extinct. In south Denpasar, there is Serangan Island that becomes a sanctuary, nursery and also hatchery for sea turtles. You can find many sea turtles in this conservation that are protected and cared. This place is suitable for any ages especially for kids who want to get closer and educated about sea turtle.

  • Shark Island

If you want to get the most interesting and different experience in your holiday, you have to come to this Denpasar Indonesia attractions that allows you to swim and play with sharks. This place becomes a home for dozens of sharks that injured or accidentally caught by fisherman which are cared before released to the open sea.

  • Bali Museum

One of the unique and attractive Denpasar attractions that should be visited is Bali Museum or Museum NegeriPropinsi Bali. It is located next to LapanganPuputanBadung I Ngurah Made Agung. The building shows the Balinese architecture. Inside the museum, you can see various collections of Balinese stuffs and arts.

  • Mangrove Forest

It is known as Taman Hutan Raya NgurahRai that located in southern coastline of Denpasar. In this spot, you can feel the fresh air of 1.375 ha mangrove forest. You can enjoy the landscape by walking through the wooden track. It becomes perfect spot to feel the nature of Denpasar.

  • Monument of BajraSandhi

This monument becomes the house of diorama gallery that shows history of Bali about 3000 BC in the struggle of people for fight in Indonesian independence. The exterior of the monument shows the Balinese architecture and becomes favorite photo spot.

  • PuraSakenan

Sakenan temple becomes on of Denpasar city attractions which is important in Bali. It is in Serangan Island that consists of two complexes they are PuraDalemSakenanand PuraPesamuan. This temple uses swamandala concept for its building. Visitors who enter this temple should use Balinese special cloth because this temple is a holy place.

If you are in Bali, do not forget to visit places in Denpasar that offers beauty and historical background of Bali as well as the culture. The most attractive place to go in Denpasar is Serangan Island because there you will find many Denpasar attractions to go for holiday.