How You Can Stimulate New Muscle Growth

If you are a regular gym goer then you must have noticed that muscle growth slows down with time and gradually stops even though you continue to train intensely in each and every workout. Week in and week out, you train harder and harder to increase the efforts that you put in for muscle growth, but all of that seems to go down the drain after you see that the progress has plateaued. Don’t worry – you are no different than an average committed person towards his body, because this happens with almost everyone.

You must understand that the problem could be that you may be doing the same sort of exercises, with the same intensity and reps over and over. If you are a person who wants to continue to grow muscles, then you must realize that even though certain training routines may have worked in the past, your body will very quickly adapt to this stimulus, and will most probably provide you with the stress just enough to deal with the work at hand. Muscles require various resources for the body to build and maintain, so the body takes the easy option – it does everything it can to resist building new muscle!

Reprogramming your workout

If your constant commitment to your body for building new muscles goes in vain, then you should change the things that you do in the workout. You should also opt for increasing the amount of exercises that you do in each session and even increase the weights that you lift, so that your body’s resistance to muscle growth will go down.

Take a look at your diet

Your diet can also be a reason for the lack of growth of new muscles in your body. You should figure out the kind of nutrition that can help you increase the growth of new muscles, and then implement the changes that the body requires. Take supplements if you need to, but not before checking the details at the supplier’s website about their product.

Overreach, if you have to

Sometimes, the problem may not be in the workout program or the nutritional intake, but in your efforts to the cause. So, you can try the option of over-training for a temporary period and check if there’s any change in the muscle status. Of course, do not over-train without keeping check on your vitals, because it can cause harm to your body.