A brief about Deca Durabolin

Nandrolone decanoate is the generic name of Deca Durabolin, a hormone which is produced by the body naturally in small amounts. Deca has been used as an anabolic androgenic supplement among bodybuilders, sports persons, weightlifters, and athletes. The Nandrolone was appeared in 1960 and then developed for commercial purpose in 1962. Organon Laboratory, USA, started the manufacture of Nandrolone decanoate in the trade name of Deca Durabolin otherwise shortly called Deca. Deca has a similar chemical structure of Testosterone except for one carbon away. The benefits of both Deca and Testosterone are almost similar; still, Deca produces fewer side effects than the testosterone.

Why bodybuilders choose Deca-Durabolin?

The prime goal of athletes, bodybuilders to use Nandrolone decanoate is to build up healthy muscles, maintain lean muscle mass and enhance strength and stamina. However, Decadurabolin is available only as a Prescription-only drug in most of the country, especially in the United States of America. Deca helps to recover the muscle faster after strenuous workouts that would help out the users to work out for a long time with less rest. Deca has the quality of improving appetite and bone density. It is very helpful to the fitness freak since it alleviates the joint pain which is mostly reported by bodybuilders, athletes.

The core feature is Deca does not convert to estrogen at a high level. So Gynecomastia, water retention, and menstrual irregularities expectancies are occasional only at higher doses. Nandrolone, on the other hand, improves the production of red blood cells, which improves the oxygenation throughout the body and it combats anemia therapeutically. This full-fledged oxygen supply helps in muscle building efforts.

Insulin-like growth hormone (IGF-1) resembles Insulin and it is vital for muscle building process. It has been researched and stated that raised IGF-1 levels hike the chances of promoting lean muscle mass. Here, Deca has the property to increase IGF-1level which in turn improves the linear muscle mass. The drug helps the muscle cells to store more nitrogen. When the nitrogen is stored in higher quantum, muscle cells assimilate more protein. Many reviews stated that 20-30 pounds were gained in a single Deca-Durabolin cycle.

Nandrolone decanoate doses:

It is standard and recommended to use 100 mg every two to four weeks. But some users start with Deca 300 mg per week to attain real anabolic credits. Some of the adult males experience positive outputs at 400 mg injection every 1-2 weeks. Deca is often stacked with Testosterone and Dianabol. Women are found fine with 50-100 mg per cycle, whereas it varies for therapeutic purposes. Women at higher doses have the chances of virilization effects say masculinity, deep voice, enlarged clitoris, excessive hair growth. The effects may be permanent, sometimes. So, when women continuously face any of these effects, stop using Deca instantly.

How to purchase Deca?

There are many online Deca sources to buy it. However, if you are hailing from the US, it is an illicit activity to bring down Deca to your country without a proper prescription. The US and few countries are strictly following the rules against such AAS. The person who possesses Deca for performance enhancement purpose will be punished severely. And, there are many counterfeit products run around the market. So, beware about the manufacturer, resource before buying Deca. Above all, to curtail the competitors, the Mexican pharmaceutical Company Ttokkyo sells the highest dose Deca 300 mg commercially to the consumers.