Brief analysis : How does the user choose a video conferencing system

How can I build a video conferencing system for my own? Then you may wish to proceed from the following aspects.

1, select the industry’s leading manufacturers, improve after-sales maintenance

As the video conference “cake” huge, the manufacturers of products tricks, product quality uneven, ordinary users is difficult to identify the “authenticity”, so users need to carefully consider the choice of manufacturers, should choose the industry’s strong mainstream manufacturers, Such as video conferencing leading brand ezTalks.

As we all know, video conferencing in case of product system failure, or the secondary development of the system, the user is generally difficult to deal with their own, so the choice of mainstream manufacturers is particularly critical. First of all, the mainstream manufacturers have a more powerful after-sales system, to quickly give technical support, good product maintenance work to help users solve the difficulties and protect the normal operation of the product. Second, the mainstream manufacturers have the strength of continuous development to help users quickly update the product, do a good job upgrading services, eliminating the need for users in the use of the trouble. Again, the mainstream manufacturers have done a lot of success stories, can provide the most suitable solution for enterprises to help users better achieve the relevant applications.

2, according to their own network environment to select the appropriate product

At present, HD is no longer just a slogan, and become the current market trends, but if you want to reach a good video effect, you need to understand their own network environment. Any video conference needs a suitable network environment, but in practical applications, most of the user’s network broadband can not meet the operating conditions of high-definition products to achieve high-definition at least 1M or more bandwidth can achieve a clear and smooth effect. Not only that, users in the use of high-definition products at the same time, also need to have high-definition display terminal, will increase the user’s investment costs. Therefore, the user in the purchase of products do not blindly pursue high-definition, according to their own bandwidth of the actual situation, select the appropriate product.

3, with clear and smooth audio effects to meet international standards

In addition to clear video effects, the smooth audio effects are also critical. At present, most of the video conferencing manufacturers are using the International Telecommunication Union ITU organization H.320 standard G.7xx audio coding specifications, but because of their own environment and product differences, in the actual application process will produce noise And flaws, so also need to integrate echo suppression, automatic gain control, noise elimination and other technologies to ensure clear and smooth audio effects. For large communication vendors, GIPS audio technology is the best choice, the technology can automatically adjust the coding rate according to the bandwidth situation, providing low bit rate high quality audio, the core technology network adaptive algorithm, packet loss compensation algorithm and echo Eliminate the algorithm, can be a good solution to the voice delay and echo problems, to provide users with perfect sound quality, bring a clear voice call effect.

4, attention to product network adaptability and good compatibility

Usually the user in the choice of products, if the video conferencing system and the supplier or the customer’s system is not the same brand of products, will cause many of the integration of the trouble, so whether the video conferencing and other products can be interoperable with other manufacturers become more and more people Focus. Want to have good compatibility, video conferencing systems should be unified with industry standards and standards, open, and can easily be combined with other manufacturers of products, including VoIP, PSTN, SIP, H.323 and other compatible applications. Not only that, users also need to pay attention to whether the product has a good bandwidth to adapt to the ability, even in low-bandwidth conditions, but also to protect the smooth and clear audio and video, packet loss compensation, RUDP technology to solve the bottleneck of the North-South network interconnection.

5, consider whether there is a strong data function

All along, people in the purchase of video conferencing products only focus on its “external”, not knowing “intrinsic” is also essential, can not be ignored. In addition to audio and video communication, users can provide rich data collaboration function, can carry out electronic whiteboard, file sharing, collaborative browsing, desktop / program sharing, text communication, file transfer, electronic voting, conference integrated recording, Remote camera control and other functions, and can support more than one person at the same time, such a conference mode can make the exchange of participants more convenient and thorough.

6, should give full consideration to whether the product has a strong security function

As the current network operating environment is complex, hackers, viruses flooded, product safety should also be the user attention. In general, the product should have a variety of encryption technology to prevent malicious data attacks, support a key recovery, and can meet the 7 × 24 hours of unattended stable work, not susceptible to the virus, will not cause the crash. Moreover, in the face of a wide range of firewalls on the network, routers and other equipment, the system must be able to pass through the firewall and the normal transmission of data. Only with high security in order to ensure the safety of the meeting smoothly.

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