4 Non-traditional Tools For Parts Elimination of Junkyard Parts

If you want to buy used auto parts in Killeen, Texas, the only real things standing between you and also highly discounted parts really are a short drive towards the junk yard and tools for taking out the parts you’ll need.

Most junk yard customers know to create traditional tools, for example wrenches and screwdrivers, for removing parts. But there’s also some non-traditional tools that may do a lot with parts removal. Bring the next four tools when visit buy used auto parts in Killeen, Texas.

Rubber Hammer

With time, auto parts may become weakly stuck together because of dirty oil and grease accumulations which have basically become baked on because of many years of engine heat. After taking out the hardware that safeguards them in position, utilizing a rubber hammer to tap the various components loose rather of pulling them loose might help preserve their condition.

Penetrating Oil

For those who have trouble removing screws or basics which are stuck in position, penetrating oil will be your closest friend. The oil is specifically formulated to make use of the entire process of capillary action to seep into tight fittings and make up a thin barrier together which makes them release. It will save you plenty of hard work which help make sure you don’t damage the various components you’ll need.

Small-Gauge Metal Wire

Bendable, small-gauge metal wire is useful for securing lengthy parts in position when you remove screws or basics from multiple part fittings. Should you let a lengthy part sag while you remove several fittings that secure it in position, the load displacement may cause the part to hack or warp. You could utilize string instead of wire, but wire is often the quickest option.

Cleaning Rags

Cleaning rags are great for greater than wiping both hands. You may also rely on them to remove many years of dirty grease and oil in the fittings of parts you have to remove. Wiping lower part fittings makes it simpler to utilize a screwdriver or wrench for parts removal.


If you want to buy used auto parts in Killeen, Texas, you will need to take tools along with you to get rid of the various components. Additionally to traditional tools, it is also useful to create four tools that are not so traditional: a rubber hammer, penetrating oil, small-gauge metal wire, and cleaning rags.

For additional info on tools to help you pull junk yard parts with less hassle, speak to a professionally operated junk yard within the Killeen area today.